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LV® Introduction 16.09.2022 ENGLISH

with Stephanie A. Kruse
1pm-9pm CET


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LAX VOX® is the exercise for the care, regeneration and training of the voice.
In this LAX VOX® Introduction Workshop you will get to know it.

LAX VOX® was developed in the 1990s by Finnish speech therapist Marketta Sihvo for use in voice therapy and prophylaxis.
Since 2012, LAX VOX® has been represented in Europe by Stephanie A. Kruse.

LAX VOX® is easy to use and shows an audible and noticeable effect after only two to three minutes: the voice sounds clearer, is easier to produce and discomfort is alleviated. Because of this, LAX VOX® is very popular as a standard exercise in voice therapy. LAX VOX® also supports the vocal goals of singers and relieves hoarseness, fatigue or a overused voice and is an effective and creative voice toy in voice work with children.

In this workshop your LV® Course Instructor Gert Leunen will give you a first insight into:

1. the history of LAX VOX®.
2. the idea & philosophy behind LAX VOX®.
3. the basic exercise LAX VOX® Basics
4. the setting options
5. the mode of action & physics behind LAX VOX®
6. exercises and impulses for using LAX VOX® in voice therapy, singing and voice work with children

All LAX VOX® workshops are designed to be interactive.
“Learning by doing” is one of the basic ideas of LAX VOX® inventor Marketta Sihvo and this is one of the cornerstones of our didactic philosophy. Whenever possible, we immediately try out what we have learned theoretically in practice, so that you experience instead of just listening. The practical part of this workshop is therefore very high and you will work a lot with your own voice.

Previous knowledge
In this workshop we assume that you already have a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the voice. However, please ask your questions if you need more information than we offer. We are happy to respond to your needs spontaneously.

You will need a LAX VOX® tube and a glas or 0.5l bottle with water.


Date: 16.09.2022 1pm-9pm CET

Target group:
This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn about LAX VOX®.

Group size:
Minimum 10 participants
Maximum 25 participants / for 25 or more participants, a second LV® Course Instructor will join in the afternoon.

Your LV® Course Instructor:
Stephanie A. Kruse

Participation fee: 250,00€
Language: English


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