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LV®: Voice and Trauma 20.05.2022 ENGLISH

with Gert Leunen
15.00-19.00 Uhr / 3pm-7pm CET



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Do you sometimes feel like your voice is letting you down?

Do you experience breathlessness or voice problems without any logical explanation?

Bottled up stress and emotions can cause tension in your throat. Traumatic experiences can affect your voice. And we have little to no control over that ourselves. Physical and emotional blockages prevent you from using or utilizing your voice to the fullest. The workshop ‚LAX VOX®: Voice and Trauma‘ can provide relief in that case.

Who is this workshop for?

‚LAX VOX®: Voice and Trauma‘ is intended for people who have consciously or unconsciously experienced a trauma. In addition, it is for voice teachers, speech therapists, singing teachers, etc. who would like to understand their clients better on a profound level. How? By offering handles and breaking through blockages step by step.

Why LAX VOX®: Voice and Trauma?

We choose for body-oriented trauma therapy linked to LAX VOX®. It is the interaction between these two factors that is unique in the whole world. Step by step we let go of thinking and listen to the voice of your body. Together we make a connection with the peace and safety in your body, so that you discover new possibilities at your own pace. This is how we come to the realization that the situation you find yourself in is more than okay.

Step by step we break through old patterns and create new insights and possibilities. It is at that point where discharge arises and you no longer experience stress but rediscover the power of your voice.

Your calm self returns, giving your voice back its authentic and lively sound!

Who is Gert Leunen?

Gert is a Flemish Speech and Language Pathologist from Belgium, who is specialized into the speaking and singing voice. During his career, he became very curious about the link between voice and trauma. The body-oriented work he learned at Fitzmaurice Voicework® (2016-2017) gave him some emotional discharges that made him experience a free speaking and singing voice without thinking, more breathing space, less fear, more creativity, etc. It triggered him to learn how voice and trauma are related, how our (held) emotions influence our nervous system, … But most of all, he wanted to learn how he could help others in a safe and effective way to find their own true voice when there are held emotions involved. That’s how he came in contact with Somatic Experiencing® (2018-2020) by Peter Levine, the Polyvagal Theory by Porges and much more…
He has put himself in the experiment to learn in the most effective way. Step by step, he learned how to embrace social interaction without needing old patterns and how to discharge the energy that was stuck inside his body.

Being a Voice and Trauma therapist and LAX VOX® Master Trainer and Course Instructor, Gert loves to share all his knowledge and experiences how he combines both worlds. Are you curious how to open up?



LV® Course Instructor: Gert Leunen
Date: 20.05.2022
Time: 15.00-19.00 Uhr / 3pm-7pm CET

Group Size:
min. 8
max. 25
If there are less than 8 registrations, the workshop will not take place.

Online-Workshop: We use Zoom

Price: 125,00€


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