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LAX VOX® Voice Artistry: Swing it, Baby!

3 weeks course
with Sabine Kühlich
Start: 11.01.2022
Language: English



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Kick your artistry with LAX VOX®

This workshop series „LAX VOX® Voice Artistry“ is designed for singers (amateurs and professionals) and vocal coaches who want to learn new vocal and musical styles. LAX VOX® is a wonderful tool for singing healthily and improving technique. It helps us learn new songs, discover new vocal facets and support our style.

Sabine Kühlich, LV® Master Trainer & Course Instructor, is an established jazz singer and vocal coach at the Conservatorium for Jazz Music in Maastricht. She will show you with passion, knowledge and humor how LAX VOX® can support and boost your vocal learning process.


January: Swing it, Baby!
Medium and Slow

„I admire artists that take me on a journey, artists I really believe every word they sing. Artists with a great vocal variety maybe, but not necessary. I learned about the magic of phrases, the front and back phrasing. I feel the power of groove, time and timing. I love singers who push the band with groove, swing, time. The more I learn about these parameters the more my artistry grows. But all these parameters have just one goal in my eyes and ears: to reach the deepest connection possible of my emotional state and the song – in the here and now. I want to deeply connect with my emotion while I sing. I leave it to the intuition.
Here in the  LAX VOX® Voice Artistry Course I want to help you school your intuition to finally be able to let go of all this knowledge and just sing and express yourself with your song!
Sabine Kühlich

Let’s practice sounds and timing with the tool LAX VOX® in swinging repertoire!

You’ll learn new songs in a relaxed way.
You’ll encounter new ways of reaching sounds, and strength, especially needed for Big Band Swing singing. Meet the gentle ways of improvising like Chet Baker on trumpet. Encounter your velvet sounds and let their warmth grow with LAX VOX®.

Swing has soo many ways: Light swing and heavy swing. What’s the difference? We’ll check it out! Wanna learn a bebop tune? Real quick, real uptempo singing? LAX VOX® helps here, too. Heavy blueslike slow swing: oh yes, this is real fun. Or: the light dancing mood of “honeysuckle rose”.

Individual Coaching during this process helps to be in touch with yourself, with your voice, your personality, your own colours and ways of interpretation, as well as your emotions! Exercises in heavy swing using LAX VOX®  we enter the world of different scat syllables. We will practice variations and help you to kick your swing! And for sure we will go and improvise just on the basis of having fun and really enjoying the power of swing!



Dates: 11.01.,18.01., 25.01.2022
from 10.00h to 11.40h (CET)

Online via Zoom

Course Language: English (Wenn sich nur deutschsprachige Singende anmelden, findet er auf Deutsch statt.)

Group size / Participants:
Min. 6
Max. 8

DISCORD: During the three weeks of the course you will have exclusive access to a Discord group, where you will be able to exchange ideas with the other group members, share music and recordings.


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