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At the LAX VOX® Institute, our experts will show you in our online workshops and courses how you can use LAX VOX® in a very specific, targeted and effective way in your area of application. Browse through our program and book your workshop now.

First video course, then online workshop

Learn hybrid


First, learn the basics of LAX VOX® in our LAX VOX® Introduction video course: 20 videos, two hours running time, lifetime access.
All our online workshops are based on these fundamentals and are a prerequisite.


In the workshop you will then learn how you can use LAX VOX® in your specific area of application.

Save 50% on the video course if you book it at the same time as the workshop.

NOT VALID for courses and LV® Intense workshops.

One for all

The All Inclusive Ticket

Pay € 199.00 once and attend all LAX VOX® Intense short workshops in 2024. 

More knowledge for less money.

We look forward to seeing you.

Our 2024 program

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