Hi, nice to have you here

at the LAX VOX® Institute by Stephanie A. Kruse,

the home of your favorite vocal exercise LAX VOX® by Marketta Sihvo. 

We offer workshops, workouts and one-on-one coaching sessions where we show you how to achieve your own and your clients’ voice goals with LAX VOX® in a targeted, fast and sustainable way. 

You want to become a LV® Master Trainer? 

Then come to our non-binding, free preliminary meeting on 13.09.2022 for the start of the training in January 2023. 

Please send us an email to info@laxvox-institute.eu

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Stephanie A. Kruse & your LV®I-Team

The LV®I: Everything your LAX VOX® heart desires:

Workshops & Workouts

Learn how to use LAX VOX® to achieve your voice goals, and those of your clients. Online via Zoom.

The Video Course

You don't have time to come to the workshop? No problem. Learn where and when you want with our video courses.

Become an LV® Master Trainer

Join the LV® MT Education Program and become a LAX VOX® Expert.

The Soundtrack

Support your regulation process with our music, which we composed especially for laxvoxing.

One-on-one coaching

Achieve your voice goals with the support of your LV® Master Trainer.

Buy your LV® products

Original LV® hose and bottle, LV® bags, holders and much more.

This is LAX VOX®

LAX VOX® is the voice exercise to maintain, regenerate and train your voice. In this video Stephanie explains how it works. You can find more videos with english subtitels on our YouTube channel. On www.laxvox.de/en you can find free information about LAX VOX®.

The LV®I-Team

Learn from the LV® Experts

The LV®I team offers you high quality LAX VOX® workshops and LV® workouts on various application areas and individual coaching and supervision. Our team speaks German, English and Dutch.

Get to know the LVI®-Family:

In our current YouTube series, our LV® Master Trainers introduce themselves. Watch the Video with english subtitles.


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