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You need a LAX VOX® tube and a container of water. You can find both, and other useful accessories, in the store for LAX VOX® products.

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Learn the basics of LAX VOX® in the Introduction video course - at your own pace, at your own time, as often as you like: 20 videos, 2 hours running time, lifetime access.

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Learn from our experts in our interactive online workshops how to use LAX VOX® in a targeted and effective way: in speech therapy, breathing therapy, singing lessons and speech training.

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Achieve your vocal goals with our 19 practice tracks that we have developed especially for working with LAX VOX®.


How LAX VOX® works

You will need a LAX VOX® tube and a container of water for Laxvoxing. This can be a 0.5 liter bottle or a glass. Fill the container slightly less than half full with water.

Insert the hose into the water with the markings facing downwards. Put the other end in your mouth. Close your lips loosely but completely around the tube so that all the air flows into the tube when you exhale. Keep your lips as loose as possible. The tongue lies relaxed in the floor of the mouth. Hold the container of water at chest height so that your shoulders can hang relaxed.

You can Laxvox while sitting, standing and moving.

Make a voiced uuu on a comfortable pitch into the tube. You notice how the water starts to bubble. You will feel this as a vibration in your cheeks. Let them shake loose. 

Now find the tube depth that feels comfortable for you. To do this, slowly move the tube up and down in the water. Stop where the cheeks quiver and the laxvoxing feels effortles. Most people feel comfortable at a tube depth between mark 2-3.

Important: LAX VOX® does not work “better” if you put the tube deeper into the water and it is not the case that you increase the depth of the tube if you have been laxvoxing for longer. The tube depth determines the water resistance, which in turn regulates the air pressure in your vocaltract. Too much pressure can be counterproductive.

Laxvox like this for 3-5 minutes. You can stay on one pitch or play around with the tone a little. Only do what is good for you.

You can laxvox 3-5 times a day for 3-5 minutes.

After 3-5 minutes, take the tube out of your mouth and see if anything has changed. Say a sentence, a text or sing a little melody.

Your voice now sounds clearer, softer, possibly brighter and louder.

If you have an inflammation in your throat, such as tonsillitis or laryngitis, you should only laxvox again once this has subsided. Then the LAX VOX® helps you to get fit again more quickly. After an infection, start with tube depth 1-2 and feel whether it is good for you or still too strenuous.

LAX VOX® helps you to keep your voice healthy. It helps your voice to regenerate after an infection and supports your healing process in the event of a voice disorder.
You can also use LAX VOX® to achieve your vocal goals in singing: Extending the range, smooth passagio, loudness in the high range, stable vocal sound, even airflow, etc.
LAX VOX® helps your speaking voice to become and remain clear, stable and resilient.

The origins of LAX VOX® go back to 1899, when the German Dr. Gustav Spieß carried out voice therapy with a glass tube. Since then, similar ideas based on the concept of so-called Semi-occluded Vocaltract Exercises (SOVTE for short) have emerged worldwide. LAX VOX®, as we know it today, was developed and named around 1990 by the Finnish speech therapist Marketta Sihvo. 

Marketta was looking for an exercise that is easy to understand and use, works quickly and regulates all the parameters involved in vocalization simultaneously.

In a nutshell: LAX VOX® acts on your voice like a massage that regulates your muscles and mucous membranes. On the other hand, a pressure adjustment is created at the vocal fold level, which allows your vocal folds to vibrate with less effort. This makes phonation more effortless and produces more sound.

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