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LAX VOX® Soundtrack Warm Up & Cool Down

5 LAX VOX® Trax
with english descriptions

25,00  inkl. MwSt.

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All LV® I offerings take place online via Zoom.

Yes, you will need a LAX VOX® hose and a container of water.

Yes with pleasure, but they must all register individually. When participating, only the person who booked the offer may be in the room.

Yes, you need a working camera and microphone. We want to hear and see you.




The LAX VOX® Soundtrack Warm Up & Cool Down includes

5 LAX VOX®-Trax
offered in an audio player. You can find all the info below.
!! They can not be downloaded and will not be sent as a CD !!!
composed and performed by Lukas Häfner
Main instrument: Guitar

CALM 02:36

LET GO 03:24




Total playing time: 20:05 minutes


incl. Description of the particular key, rhythm, atmosphere and an idea of application.
The length of the songs corresponds to the optimal LAX VOX® duration.
The pitches were chosen deliberately and encourage the speaking voice.
Especially suitable for LAX VOX® Basics (= relaxation, tension regulation).





The LAX VOX® Trax deliberately do not contain any concrete exercise instructions.
Thus, these trax correspond to our LAX VOX® didactics, where everything revolves around free play and self-discovery.
But you can also lead specific exercises to do so.

Feel free to use the trax in the way that is most helpful for you and your counterpart.

– as background music, which just pleasantly accompanies the exercise;

– as inspiration for small improvisations;

– as an accompaniment to your gliding tones at your own pace or as a background to a transfer exercise into speech


The LAX VOX® Trax of the Soundtrack Warm Up & Cool Down

– promote vocalization on a comfortable medium pitch (for all genders)

– invite to play freely and undemandingly with the voice

– create a positive, calm and safe atmosphere that calms the autonomic nervous system

– this promotes the ability to engage in the exercise and allow change to occur

– and helps the body to relax and regulate naturally

– the inner critic calms down and allows effective voice work




The LAX VOX® Soundtrack Warm Up & Cool Down was jointly developed by LV®I owner Stephanie A. Kruse and musician Lukas Häfner.
Stephanie was looking for music for her coaching sessions. She usually didn’t like the instrumentals of the classical vocal exercises because they were either too fast, too demanding or just not tastefully produced.
In addition, she needed music that soothed. Music that relaxes and decelerates. Which makes the vegetative nervous system slow down.

Stephanie asked Lukas to compose music that would create a cozy, happy and safe atmosphere. Lukas is a very sensitive and filigree guitarist and has composed, recorded and produced beautiful five trax that help the vegetative nervous system to find a state of safety and calmness .

This makes it possible to absorb and engage in the exercises offered even better.

Your voice training is more pleasant, more relaxed and simply more fun with the LAX VOX®-Trax. This is exactly what makes it more effective.



After your payment has been credited to our account, the LV® soundtrack will be available in your customer account.
To do this, go to “My LV®I” at and log in.

Once you are logged in, go to “My Courses”.
There you will find all your purchases: the workshops, workouts, the video course and your soundtrack.
If you click on the soundtrack here, a description will open and at its end you will find the tracks.
When you click on the tracks, a window opens with an audio player per song and the application ideas and explanations.
At the end you will find all the tracks in a row, without application ideas.



“Can I download the tracks?”

“Do I get a CD?”

“Do I always have to log in to hear them?”

“Do I need internet to play it?”
“Do I need to install an app?”

“Does it work on mobile?”
Yes, if you have internet on your phone and can log into the site.

“Does it work on a tablet?”
Yes, if you have internet on your phone and can log into the site.

“Can we create one account for our entire practice/clinic?”
Yes, it is possible. Anyone who has the credentials can access the account.

“Why can’t they be downloaded? That would be much more practical.”
We would like to protect our music, which we composed with a lot of love and a lot of time and had produced with high production costs, as much as possible from uncontrolled and illegal distribution.
We are pleased about the collegial cooperation and the support in fulfilling this wish.
Thank you for your understanding.