Become a LV® Master Trainer

As part of your education program to become a LAX VOX® Master Trainer, you will learn everything you need to use LAX VOX® with another person or in small groups (such as choirs).

Whether in voice therapy, singing lessons, speech training, or voice work with children, as a LV® Master Trainer, you are able to use LAX VOX® to work on any voice issue effectively, quickly, purposefully, and in a judgment-free way. 


The training will affect your perspective on all voice work and take your skills as a voice expert to the next level.

LAX VOX® is a wonderful aid — but it is us who create the space in which it can have a holistic and long lasting effect.

LAX VOX® Institute by Stephanie A. Kruse,

This sound interesting to you? Contact us via email. Don’t worry, you are not signing up to anything yet. You will be offered a short appointment to get to know each other and discuss your first steps. This appointment is free of charge, non-binding and you are not obligated to anything afterwards.

3. Get to know each other

To get to know each other and to find out just how much you already know about LAX VOX®, you will send Stephanie three videos that show how you use LAX VOX® in a coaching session.

Stephanie will take a look at the videos and give you feedback based on the videos during a 30 minutes Zoom Call. The aim of this feedback meeting is to evaluate and set up your individual goals for your education program.

The cost of this is Stephanie’s fee of 150,00 € for watching the three videos (45-60 min.) and the feedback session (30 min.).

Even after this step, you are under no obligation to do anything.



LAX VOX® Institute by Stephanie A. Kruse,
Woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop learning the background of LAX VOX®.

Once you have worked out together what you already know and what you would still like to learn, you can choose the workshops you need to attend from our catalogue.

We recommend attending our LIVE workshops before you start the training. 

Mandatory Workshops are LV® Introduction, LV® Singers Training, and LV® Voice Therapy.

You are still under no obligation to do anything and can take your time deciding what to do next.



4. Start your Education Program

Now is the time to register for your LV® Master Trainer Education program. It includes six seven-hour workshops with your instructor Stephanie on 6 topics. They take place in person, online and in a group of 8 participants

Next Start: January 2023

Dates: 01/15, 02/12, 03/12, 04/23, 05/15, 07/25

Each Sunday (05/15 is a Monday)
from 1pm-8pm

Free Info-Meeting: 09/13/22 5pm-7.30pm online via Zoom

The English education program takes place only once a year.


Price: 1750,00€

The Price includes:

  • Free access to our LV® Introduction video course and all exercise videos.
  • Two 30-minute individual supervised sessions with Stephanie are included, as well as your final one-hour supervised session.
  • You will receive a LAX VOX® bag with all our products for free!
  • As an LV® MT, you enjoy permanent discounts in the LAX VOX® store.
  • We use the Discord platform to stay in touch throughout the training period, which allows for vigorous exchange among the members of the group and positively affects your learning process.
  • Free participation in the biannual LV®I Summits (for LV®I members only).
  • The first year of your membership is free.

5. Welcome to the LV®I -Family

Once you have completed your LV® MT Education Program, you will send me your final three videos. 
They will help us see whether you feel ready or whether you still need more support to work as a LV® MT. 
Once we decided you are ready, you will receive your LV® Master Trainer certificate and become a member of LV®I once you have successfully completed all tasks.

As a LV® MT, you pay an annual membership fee of € 120.00 this is free in your first year.


  • you may work with LAX VOX® both 1:1 and in small groups.
  • You may offer short LV® Workshops (e.g. for a choir or your clients) and Workouts at the LV®I.
  • 40% Discount in the LAX VOX® Store.
  • Participation in the yearly LV®I Family Summits
  • Visibility on the LV®I website.
  • Visibility with certificate badge displayed on your website.
  • your are now part of the wonderful LV®I-network