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Hello dear people! My name is Charlotte Heinke

I live in Hamburg and Frankfurt and am a LAXVOX® Lover since 2016!
In January 2022, I successfully completed my training as a LAXVOX® Master Trainer.
I am a singer, actress, musical performer and vocal coach.
How did I get bubbling?
I was on tour at the time and had to sing and speak a lot every day. After a cold, I was recommended the tube by my sister and began to bubble. The result blew me away.
I used to get hoarse and vocally tired quickly when I had to sing and speak a lot and got little rest in between.
This stopped immediately when I started the regular bubbling. No kidding. It was that simple and that fast.

Since then I have been working with all my vocal students with the LAXVOX® tube.
Everything you need to speak and sing can be achieved faster and more effectively with LAXVOX®.
Now I want to share this joy that I experience by bubbling with LAXVOX® and give it to you far. Let’s reach your voice goal together. I am looking forward to you


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Charlotte Heinke