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Rock & Pop vocal school Michaela Kuti-Maier, Wittumgarten 12, 71083 Herrenberg, Germany




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"I can't imagine my life without LAX VOX®. So simple, effective and versatile."

Hi, I’m Michaela – singer, songwriter and vocal coach. I’ve been a passionate LAX VOX® lover since 2017 – simply because it’s so easy, so effective, and so wonderful. In January 2021 I have completed my training as a LAX VOX® Master Trainer and I am really excited to be a part of the “LAX VOX® Family” and to be able to accompany you even more professionally on your way to your personal voice goals with this great exercise method.

I was born in *1978, I live and teach in Herrenberg, Germany. As a singer, I have been on stage for half my life and have received several national and international awards as a songwriter. I have been a certified vocal coach, specializing in rock/pop vocals, since 2014 and initially taught as a freelance vocal coach at a music school until I started my own private vocal school for rock & pop vocals in 2016.

With me you will find everything you need to get started in the music business:

– Rock & Pop singing lessons (for teenagers and adults)
– LAX VOX® Workouts & Coachings
– Online Vocal Coaching
– Songwriting
– Write song lyrics
– Video productions
– Individual and band coaching
– Development of artist profile
– Short workshops on various topics
– and much more…

Just get in touch with me. I look forward to seeing you!

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Michaela Kuti-Maier