Florian Suhm

Hej, Florian here, I live and work as a voice coach and singer in Gengenbach (Black Forest).

I am a state-approved musician in jazz & popular music, majoring in voice, and successfully completed my exams at the International Music College Freiburg (IMCF) in 2008. Since 2006 I have been passing on my knowledge to voice enthusiasts. I had my first contact with LAX VOX® in 2016, in a workshop with Stephanie A. Kruse.

Since then, LAX VOX® has never left me personally and in my daily work. I work with it on a regular basis and always amaze my students with what you can do and achieve with it. Within a very short time, successes are already audible and confirm the rapid effect of LAX VOX®.

As of January 2022, I am now a part of the LAX VOX® family and one of the first official LAX VOX® Master Trainers. I look forward to awakening the enthusiasm for LAX VOX® in you as well. Let’s use it together to achieve your voice goals.

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Florian Suhm